QUESTION: What's an easy way to remove a brass compression ring?


Homeowners attempting to replace the water valve on their toilet often find that the brass compression ring has become stuck on the copper pipe. Reusing the old ring can result in slow drips and generally is not the best solution. There is not an easy way to remove a stuck compression ring. The best option is to use a tool similar to a bearing puller that is specially designed for removing compression rings. The tool fits behind the compression nut for a secure grip. You keep turning the toggle nut until the ring and nut come off the pipe. When choosing a compression sleeve puller, it is usually best to select a heftier tool. It will last longer and work better on hard-to-remove fittings. Once you have removed the compression ring and nut, you will need to make sure the pipe is in good condition to ensure that the new fittings will seal properly.