QUESTION: How do I prevent hose leaks on my shower head?


The first step is to ensure that the hose attachment is securely connected to the faucet. When checking the fittings and attachments, be sure that they are secure, but do not overtighten them to avoid damaging the fixture. If this does not help, the problem may be with the gasket inside the nut that is supposed to tighten the hose attachment onto the shower head arm. This rubber gasket can become damaged or even pushed into the arm of the shower head so that the gasket cannot make a tight seal. You can remedy the problem by removing the gasket from the shower head arm and reinserting it back into the hose attachment or by replacing the gasket.

Basic maintenance can help keep your shower head working properly. This includes cleaning the shower head on a regular basis to remove mineral buildup and replacing worn or damaged parts before they can cause further damage.