It is possible to flush your toilet even without running water. Newer toilets only require about 1.5 gallons of water to flush while older toilets may require more. Even if the water is shut off, your toilet should still have one flush available. If you have already used the extra flush, you can use the following techniques to create a flush.

• Collect water in a bucket from an alternate source, such as your pool or from rain.
• Remove the lid on your toilet tank.
• Fill the tank until the water is at the top of the overflow tube.
• Flush as normal.

If you would rather not remove the tank lid, you can use the following method.

• Lift the toilet lid and seat.

• Dump the bucket of water into the bowl with one pour and with as much force as possible. This should cause the toilet to flush.

• Repeat as necessary.

Obviously, these are not methods that you would want to use routinely, but they can come in handy in the event of a plumbing problem or an outage caused by a flood or storm. Be sure to contact a plumbing professional if you are unsure as to the reason why you do not have running water.