QUESTION: Can I save money using a thermostatic shower faucet?


A thermostatic shower faucet and valve system lets you preset the temperature of your shower. These systems can help lower your water-heating bill and serve as an important safety feature in homes with young children or older adults who are more susceptible to scalding injuries.

• Thermostatic mixers operate by reducing or stopping the flow of hot water if there is no cold water or shutting off the cold water if there is no hot water. This reduces the chance of scalding injuries, and you no longer have to worry about a sudden blast of cold water if someone flushes the toilet while you are in the shower.

• Since the temperature of the water is preset, you do not waste time adjusting knobs to get the temperature just right.

• The faucet only draws enough hot water to reach the desired temperature, which can amount to significant savings in homes and facilities with high water demand.

Of course, thermostatic shower systems are not without their downside. You will pay more for a thermostatic system than a pressure-balanced valve and faucet. The cost is even higher if you chose a system with a volume control feature. The money saved on monthly utility bills may still make the higher initial cost worthwhile. You can choose from both concealed and exposed thermostatic shower systems based on your décor.