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3 Reasons to Get A Boiler Tune Up Before Spring Starts

It might be cold outside, but spring isn’t all that far away! When warmer temperatures do arrive, you’ll be relying on your boiler less to help heat your home. But spring is an important time of year for your boiler. That’s because it’s the perfect time for boiler tune up and maintenance. The right maintenance in the spring means you’ll have fewer problems with your boiler in the fall.

Why Spring is the Right Time for a Boiler Tune Up

Your Boiler Works Hard in the Winter

Boilers work hard in cold weather, and that can create a lot of wear and tear within the heating system. A trained boiler technician can look for signs of wear and tear and correct them. This might mean replacing some parts or cleaning some of the elements of the boiler. The benefit is that these parts are now ready to work perfectly in the fall.

Soot Build-Up Is Worse in the Spring

Soot will build up over the winter months inside your boiler. When warmer temperatures arrive, condensation in the boiler mixes with the soot and can start to erode areas of the boiler. The issue gets much worse if it’s left to sit during the hot summer months. When you go to turn your boiler on in the fall, you may find that soot and condensation affected the heat exchanger. This is an important part of your boiler that helps prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

A Preventative Boiler Tune Up Saves You Money

If you wait until fall to tune up your boiler, you could create more issues within the system. Allowing problems to sit over the summer months mean there could be more damage done to the system. Small unaddressed issues in the spring become big, expensive problems in the fall. Timely maintenance will help keep those repair bills low.

Tips for Scheduling Your Boiler Maintenance

  • Sooner is better. As soon as temperatures begin to warm up, call and schedule a boiler tune-up. It’s a great way to prepare your system for dormancy in the summer months. Additionally, if you do need repairs on your boiler, you’ll have plenty of time to get them done before you need it to be in working order again for next winter.
  • Avoid the rush. A lot of people will wait until fall to perform boiler maintenance. During these peak-demand times, you may end up waiting for a technician to show up. That’s not fun when temperatures inside your home are starting to match the ones outside. Plus, when you schedule your maintenance outside of peak-demand days, you’ll have more flexibility in the appointment time.
  • Work with an experienced tech. Boiler repair technicians are going to be familiar with common boiler issues. They’ll know what to look for and how to fix it quickly. This not only gives you peace of mind on your maintenance but also gives you someone knowledgeable to call if something does go wrong later on.

What Happens During a Boiler Tune Up

A trained technician will visit your home and…

  • Assess the condition of your boiler
  • Clean out any dirt, grime, or soot in the system
  • Check electrical and oil connections
  • Check for leaks in your ductwork
  • Ensure the heat exchanger is working correctly
  • Inspect for water leaks

If the technician finds any issues with your system, they’ll discuss it with you before they start any repair work.

Now is the perfect time to schedule your boiler maintenance! Get in touch with the SWAN team in Metro Denver to schedule your maintenance appointment today.

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