If you have an American Standard furnace that is not working at its best, you are likely searching for a dependable repair team that won't let you down. At Swan, we believe in putting the client first no matter the situation.

By enlisting our services, you are placing your American Standard furnace in the best possible hands, and we can complete the task and have it running well in no time. This guide offers an overview of our services and why fixing issues in the early stages is essential.


Why Many Homeowners Trust the Swan Team

Some people ask how we have earned the trust and respect of our past and current clients. If you would also like to know the answer to that question, you are going to get a clear picture.

People don't want to work with a faceless company that only cares about its bottom line. When you work with Swan, you get a team that places people above profits, and the difference is easy to see. We never cut corners or leave our clients disappointed because we care about the community we are honored to serve.

Furnace Problems To Keep An Eye Out For

Over the years we have spent helping people repair their heaters, we have found most people don't know the early signs of trouble. Inability to detect problems in the first stages gives them plenty of time to progress, which can happen faster than you likely think.

Give us a call if your furnace is running for longer than normal or if the thermostat no longer works. Loud clunking and grinding noises coming from your blower are an issue you can't afford to overlook if you don't want your American Standard furnace to break down at the worst time. Odd smells are a sign that your furnace requires attention from a team of trusted experts, and you can count on us.

Why American Standard Furnace Repair is Important

If you think minor issues are not worth the time or money, you are not alone. People from all backgrounds and walks of life opt to overlook small problems because they don't believe they are a reason for concern.

The small issue you overlook now can become an expensive replacement job in the future unless you are proactive in stopping the threat. Because damaged furnaces are not as efficient as ones that work well, the extra power required to heat your home will skyrocket your utility bill. Some people overpay on their energy bill and don't even know it, and you don't want to repeat their mistake.

How Our Heating Contractors Can Help

Review this section to learn how we can help when you need us to have your back. You will be thrilled to discover that we listen to your concerns and prioritize your needs. Our team combines their skill and education with the latest tools in the industry to deliver exceptional results of which you will be proud.

No matter if you have a small problem or one that is a little more serious, we will resolve the issue and give you peace of mind. Many people know they can count on Swan to repair their American Standard furnace right the first time, and we are confident you will soon agree that enlisting us was the right move. We service every American Standard model that is on the market today:

  • SILVER 95/95H
  • GOLD S9V2
  • Most Older Models

American Standard Furnace Coupons

We know heating repairs can be expensive, that's why we always offer as many chances for our customers to save, including financing, heating rebates, and these American Standard coupons:

American Standard Furnace Diagnostic Coupon

Furnace Diagnostic Coupon

For $22 we will send a licensed and insured heating contractor to your home to diagnose the problem you're having with your American Standard furnace.

Rheem Furnace Repair CouponFurnace Repair Coupon

Save $55 off your American Standard furnace repair service with this coupon. Cannot be combined with our other promotions!

Rheem Furnace Service CouponFurnace Tune-Up Coupon

Give your American Standard furnace the tune-up it needs for just $49 using this coupon. Regular maintenance of your heating system can prevent costly repairs!

Review Our Furnace Service Process

We offer a simple and straightforward process so that you can get service without stress. You start the first step by picking your phone up and calling our office. You will tell us about your problem and any other information you believe we should know.

Once you tell us what you need, we will ask a few questions to clarify the problem and get a sense of direction. Going to your home and looking at your American Standard furnace lets us discover the extent of the problem and provide you with a quote. When we give you the price in writing, you will never pay a penny more.

Need Repairs ASAP? Here's Where To Start

We are standing by the phone and are ready to answer your call for help. No matter the day or time, we can set up an appointment that works for you and your life. The Swan team knows that keeping your furnace in working shape is vital to your comfort and health, especially on the coldest winter nights. If you are ready to make your American Standard repair problem a thing of your past, let us know you would like to begin.