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  • All of our technicians are North American Technician Excellence and EPA certified.
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Mitsubishi AC Repairs in Denver, CO

Mitsubishi has been providing innovative home comfort solutions for over 30 years. Even though Mitsubishi air conditioning systems have a reputation for quality, repairs may be necessary from time to time. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are equipped to handle all of the most common air conditioning problems, including:

  • faulty safety disconnects
  • compressor issues
  • issues with electric wiring or contactors
  • blown condenser fans or blowers
  • faulty or blown fuse
  • circuit breaker problems

We provide a written estimate for all repairs. Our commitment to upfront pricing means that you will never be hit with extra charges or fees.
If your existing air conditioner is to the point that repairs no longer make financial sense, we can also provide an estimate for a new Mitsubishi system. We offer a full line of high-efficiency Mitsubishi single-zone and multi-zone air conditioners. All Mitsubishi products are backed by some of the industry’s best warranties.

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Mitsubishi Single-Zone Cooling Systems

These units have a slim profile to fit into tight spaces and are efficient and quiet to operate. A Mitsubishi single-zone cooling system can help eliminate uncomfortable hot spots in your home.

  • MUY-GL09NA-U1
  • MUY-GL12NA-U1
  • MUY-GL15NA-U1
  • MUY-GL18NA-U1
  • MUY-GL24NA-U1
  • MUY-D30NA-1
  • MUY-D36NA-1
  • PUY-A12NHA6
  • PUY-A18NHA6
  • PUY-A24NHA6
  • PUY-A30NHA6
  • PUY-A36NHA6
  • PUY-A42NHA6

Mitsubishi Single-Zone Cooling and Heating Systems

A single-zone unit with both cooling and heating options can keep your home comfortable all year long by using the same unit. These are among Mitsubishi’s most popular models.

  • MUZ-GL09NA-U8
  • MUZ-GL12NA-U1
  • MUZ-GL15NA-U1
  • MUZ-GL18NA-U1
  • MUZ-GL24NA-U1
  • MUZ-FH06NA
  • MUZ-FH09NA
  • MUZ-FH12NA
  • MUZ-FH15NA
  • MUZ-FH18NA2
  • MUZ-FH18NAH2
  • MUZ-HM09NA2
  • MUZ-HM12NA2
  • MUZ-HM15NA2
  • MUZ-HM18NA2
  • MUZ-HM24NA2
  • MUZ-D30NA-1
  • MUZ-D36NA-1
  • SUZ-KA09NA
  • SUZ-KA12NA
  • SUZ-KA15NA
  • SUZ-KA18NA
  • PUZ-A18NHA6
  • PUZ-A24NHA6
  • PUZ-A24NHA6
  • PUZ-A30NHA6
  • PUZ-A36NHA6
  • PUZ-A42NHA6
  • PUZ-HA30NHA5
  • PUZ-HA36NHA5

Mitsubishi Multi-Zone Cooling and Heating

A multi-zone system allows you to connect up to eight indoor units to a single outdoor unit. This means that the temperature of each room can be customized to the needs and preferences of the occupant.

  • MXZ-2B20NA-1
  • MXZ-2C20NAHZ2
  • MXZ-3C24NA2
  • MXZ-3C24NAHZ2
  • MXZ-3C30NA2
  • MXZ-3C30NAHZ2
  • MXZ-4C36NA2
  • MXZ-4C36NAHZ
  • MXZ-5C42NA2
  • MXZ-5C42NAHZ
  • MXZ-8C48NA
  • MXZ-8C48NAHZ

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Choosing a New Mitsubishi Home Comfort System

Mitsubishi home comfort systems are popular among Denver homeowners who are replacing an old, inefficient unit or choosing a system for their new home. If you notice hot spots in your home or are tired of constantly paying for expensive repairs, it may be time to consider replacing your current air conditioning system. It is also a good idea to reassess your home comfort needs after an addition or remodel that changes the footprint or square footage of your home. Our HVAC professionals can help you compare the price, performance, and efficiency of your various options.
When upgrading to a new Mitsubishi air conditioner, it is important to choose the right size unit for your home’s size and your lifestyle. An air conditioning system that is too big or too small will not keep your house comfortable and will run inefficiently, which can increase your utility bills. Our technicians can show you a variety of Mitsubishi air conditioning systems appropriate for your needs at a price point that fit your budget.
Even if your other HVAC components are from different manufacturer’s, we can recommend a Mitsubishi air conditioner that will work with your existing components. If you are replacing your entire HVAC system, choosing a complete system from Mitsubishi will ensure that all of the components are integrated to provide the greatest comfort and efficiency.

Swan Club Membership Benefits

Regular maintenance will keep your Mitsubishi air conditioner running efficiently. To make HVAC maintenance more affordable for our customers, we are proud to offer our Swan Club Membership. This membership entitles you to substantial discounts on maintenance, emergency repairs, parts, and labor. You can find more information about Swan Club benefits on our Club Membership page.

Our Mitsubishi A/C Service & Installation Service Area

We serve families throughout Denver and the surrounding areas. Whether you live in Centennial, Aurora, Lakewood, or Boulder, you can count on Swan whenever you need reliable air conditioning installation or repair services.
We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs. You can also schedule routine maintenance or an estimate for a new Mitsubishi home comfort system by calling us or using our online contact form. We look forward to serving your family.

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