At SWAN Plumbing, Heating & Air of Denver, we are proud of the fact that many of our customers refer us to their friends and neighbors. They do this because they know that with Swan you will always get prompt service from a licensed and certified HVAC professional. We also offer some of the lowest prices for Rheem AC service, installation, and repair in the Denver area. Our commitment to quality and 100% customer satisfaction has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We understand that experience and exceptional customer service are important to you.

Rheem Air Conditioner Repairs in Denver, CO

Rheem has a superior reputation in the HVAC industry; however, even the best equipment may need repair from time to time. This is especially true with older AC units. Our technicians are trained and equipped to handle all of the most common air conditioning issues, including:


  • electrical wiring problems
  • issues with the circuit breaker and fuse
  • faulty blower motors and condenser fans
  • compressor malfunctions
  • issues with contactors, thermostats, and safety disconnects

We will provide you with a written estimate before we do any work so that you will know exactly how much your repair will cost. Our belief in straightforward pricing with no hidden fees is one reason why you can trust Swan with your next Rheem AC repair.

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Best Rheem Central Air Conditioning Models

In some cases, a repair may be so costly or the unit may be so old that further repairs do not make financial sense. In these situations, we can help you find an appropriate replacement system for your home. We offer a wide range of high-quality, energy-efficient Rheem air conditioning systems, including the company’s Prestige, Classic, and Classic Plus models.

  • Prestige Variable Speed RA20
  • Classic Plus Two-Stage RA17
  • Classic Single-Stage RA16
  • Classic Single-Stage RA14
  • Classic Single-Stage RA14**W
  • Classic Single-Stage RA13

Rheem AC Replacement and Installation

Rheem products consistently receive high marks for their durability, performance, and efficiency. They also come with some of the industry’s leading warranties. This is why many Denver area homeowners turn to Rheem when replacing their old, inefficient AC or when building their new home.
Rheem and other top manufacturers offer three tiers of air conditioners labeled as “good,” “better,” and “best.” This makes it easier to find the system with the price and performance that is right for your home.
Good: These units provide average performance and efficiency at the lowest cost. These units offer single-stage cooling and are designed for spaces that are seldom used and for situations where price is significant concern.
Better: These units offer single-stage and two-stage cooling and are preferred by most homeowners. They provide greater comfort and efficiency than “good” units at a price that still fits within most budgets.
Best: These are the top-of-the-line models and come with the highest price tag. These units offer two-stage and variable-capacity cooling for maximum comfort and efficiency.
It does not always make sense to install the largest or most efficient air conditioner available. Our Denver HVAC professionals will work with you to find the air conditioner that will offer the right combination of size, price, efficiency, and climate control for your home. Regardless of the brand of AC that you currently own, Rheem has an option that will work with the rest of your HVAC components and ducts.

Benefits of Becoming a Swan Club Member

The key to keeping your Rheem air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently is regular maintenance. That is why we offer our Swan Club Membership to homeowners in Denver and the surrounding areas. When you sign up as a member, you will receive discounts on annual tune-ups as well as emergency repairs and new installations. The full details regarding membership benefits are available on our Club Membership page.

Why Choose Rheem for Your Home?

Rheem Manufacturing was founded by Richard and Donald Rheem in 1925. During its nearly 100-year history, the company has produced everything from shipping containers to musical instruments. Today, Rheem is the country’s largest manufacturer of HVAC, water heating, commercial refrigeration, and pool and spa systems.
When possible, we encourage homeowners to purchase a complete Rheem system. This ensures that all of the system components integrate seamlessly for maximum efficiency and comfort. If you think that it is time to upgrade to a high-efficiency Rheem air conditioning system, we are happy to send one of our technicians to your home to prepare a written estimate.

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