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Do your live in the Denver Metro Are and a professional HVAC technician to take care of your residential heater furnace repair?

Our furnace repair experts are ready to address and resolve any heating issue you may be having, from a simple repair, standard and/or routine maintenance, to more urgent situations like an emergency furnace repair.

With over 40 years of combined HVAC experience, the superior service from our local furnace repair technicians provide has earned the trust of many Colorado residents. All of our heating technicians are industry certified and all of their heater repairs, maintenance, installation and replacements, are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Licensed & Insured Heating Repair Technicians

All of our Denver heating repair technicians are industry certified (N.A.T.E. and EPA) and go through an extensive background checking & drug screening process before being hired, so you can trust that all the heating service technicians we send are highly qualified to get the job done right, truth-worthy and safe to have in your home!

Coupons For Our Denver Furnace Repair Services

We understand how the cost of furnace repair service could worry homeowners, which is why we've gone the extra mile to provide you with chances to save money along each step of the way, from initial furnace repair coupons below, to heating rebates when you upgrade to a new high efficiency unit, and finishing with financing options to make any cost more affordable!

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Recent Furnace Repair Reviews

We aren't the only ones who believe our furnace repair services are among the best in Denver; look at what our latest satisfied homeowners have to say in these furnace repair reviews!

Google+ Review11/26/2016 - John B.
5 Star Google Plus Review

Our furnace stopped working and they came out on a Saturday just a couple hours after we called. Spencer was very knowledgeable. He fixed the problem quickly and cleaned up other details that previous companies had missed.

BBB Review03/31/2017 - Barbara K.
5 Star BBB Review

My family is forever grateful to John, from Swan Plumbing and Heating, for finding all that was wrong with our furnace. We had 2 other inspections done and was told nothing was wrong! Our furnace had filter, wiring and no return venting errors! I recommend John and Swan Heating 110% for all heating, plumbing and air problems. This company has honest, efficient and knowledgeable technicians. Thank you so much for helping my family have a safe, warm home.

Facebook Review05/22/17 - Shelby B.
5 Star Facebook Review

Spencer was very personable and took the time to explain not only to me but to my husband (over the phone) what needed to be done to fix our furnace. He was thorough and made sure all was functioning properly before he left. He spared us a second cold evening!! Jenesis was also very helpful in getting us an appointment quickly. We were nervous that we would have to wait days (during a super cold stretch of Colorado weather) but she was able to get someone to our home within 24 hours.

These are only a few of our furnace repair reviews, you can see many more on our Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Reviews page! If you are a customer and would like to leave a review, click here.

Types of Furnaces We Repair

Gas Furnace Repair

Oil Furnace Repair

  • Forced Air Furnaces
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Oil Furnaces
  • Electric Furnaces
  • Single-Stage Furnaces
  • Two-Stage Furnaces
  • Two-Stage Variable Speed Furnaces
  • Three-Stage Variable Speed Furnaces
  • Modulating Variable Speed Furnaces

Furnace Brands We Repair

Our Denver furnace repair technicians have over 40 years of combined experience and are capable of diagnosing, and providing reliable repairs for the furnace repair issue you are having. We offer furnace repair service to the Denver Metro Area for all top furnace brands, including but not limited to:

  • Carrier
  • Ducane
  • Tempstar
  • Lennox Furnace Repair
  • Goodman Furnace Repair
  • Trane
  • Climate Energy
  • York
  • Amana Furnace Repair
  • Bryant
  • Payne
  • Air-Ease
  • Heil
  • Armstrong Air
  • Richmond
  • Aire-Flo
  • Clare
  • Olsen
  • Frigidaire
  • Comfortmaker
  • Weatherking
  • Maytag
  • Gibson
  • Kenmore
  • Whirlpool
  • Jenitrol
  • American Standard
  • Rheem Furnace Repair
  • Coleman
  • Ruud
  • Arcoaire
  • Tempstar

Carrier Furnace Repair

Bryant Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair Parts

Furnace Parts Why this Furnace Part might fail and need repairs
Furnace Blower Motor & Wheel Circulates household air

  • Motor electrical failure
  • Worn or seized motor bearings diagnosed by either a noisy blower or blower running below normal speeds
  • Wheel defective or our of balance
  • Dirty blower motor or wheel

Both blower wheel and blower motor will be replaced when the furnace blow motor need replacing. This can limit annoying blower noise and prevent premature failure of the replacement motor bearings.

Furnace Circuit Board Controls operation sequence of cooling & heating modes & monitors system safety

  • Fails because of age
  • Excessive amp draw from a failed component
  • Power spike or lightning strike
  • Water damage from an external source
  • Cold solder connection
  • Burned out or shorted coil
  • Loose wiring connections

Very often, a failed furnace circuit board is only one component in a chain of failed controls. Sometimes it can be difficult, if not impossible, to locate all of these component failures in on a single service call. Trying to salvage suspicious components in an effect to reduce costs may actually wind up costing more in future furnace repairs.

Furnace Delayed Burner Ignition Main burners fail to ignite completely or promptly

  • Low gas pressure
  • Dirt in burners or orifices
  • Improper positioning of pilot burner or igniter
  • Burners out of position

Delayed gas ignition can be a serious problem. Light-off / cross-over burners must be properly aligned. Flue passages must be checked and burners properly adjusted by your service professional. If your furnace is over 10 years old and has a delayed ignition problem, it is wise to replace it. Today's furnaces utilize much safer gas ignition systems than those of older units.

Furnace Gas Valve Controls gas flow to main burners

  • Shorted or open circuitry
  • Mechanical failure
  • Intermittent failure

There are many types of gas valves in use today. Often, failure of one component in the gas control system can affect the dependable performance of other components. Replacing the gas control system makes good repair sense. If we discover that you have a non-100% shut down gas control system in your furnace, it must be replaced, not repaired. Older gas systems are outdated and unsafe.

Furnace Heat Exchanger Separates combustion gases from household air

  • Cracks caused by stresses within the furnace and/or excessive heat from a over-sized furnace, over-firing furnace, air restrictions, or inadequate duct system
  • Holes / Severe Rust or Pitting caused by condensation within the heat exchanger produced by an undesized furnace, under-firing furnace, frequent cold start-ups, or corrosive ambient air

A safety inspection if performed on the heat exchanger every time we perform furnace repairs or maintenance service. An infrared heat exchanger inspection should be an annually scheduled procedure. Your family's safety depends on it.

Furnace Hot Surface Ignitor The flame light-off device for most modern furnaces

  • Age (most igniter’s only last 3 to 5 years
  • Short cycling (usually caused by dirty or weak flame sensor
  • Any direct contact or impact (igniters are extremely fragile)
  • Dirty flame sensor

It if critical to have your flame sensor cleaned every season. Failing to do so will cause the hot surface ignitor to cycle too frequently as it attempts to light the furnace burners. This, in turn, causes the HSI to burn out prematurely. Annual furnace maintenance makes sense. It can actually cost less to maintain a furnace than to replace the HSI every one or two years.

Furnace Inducer Blower Assembly Provides draft for high efficiency furnaces rated 80% and 90%

  • Worn motor bearings
  • Object obstructing blower
  • Shorted or open circuit in blower motor
  • Defective or out-of-balance blower wheel
  • Rusted or corroded housing
  • Pressure tap plugged

Most inducers are provided as complete assemblies by the manufacturers. We agree with that approach and strongly recommend not only replacing Inducer motors or other Inducer parts. Many times a faulty pressure switch can cause an Inducer to fail prematurely.

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