A sump pump is your best friend when your basement has a penchant for collecting water. Usually placed in the lowest part of your basement – a sump pump collects water under the foundation of your house and dumps it out to the nearest storm drain or dry well. It accomplishes this with a pit, pump, hoses, electricity, battery or even water backup systems. New homes for the most part come equipped with these pumps. If you are building your house, and it contains a basement, ask the builder to include a one in your basement. They can also be installed in older homes, as well. However, some houses, depending on the square footage and area may need more than one pump to do the job.

Anyone who has ever experienced a flooded basement or crawlspace knows the situation is no laughing matter. Water ruins everything it touches, and can become a breeding ground for mold formation. In fact, it is quite distressing, particularly if you live in an area prone to flooding, which can cause extensive water damage. These days, even heavy rains can cause a basement to flood.

Reliable Sump Pump Repairs & Installation Services


Do your live in the Denver Metro Are and need an experienced team of professional plumbers to take care of your homes sump pump issue?

Our Denver plumbers are ready to address and resolve any plumbing issue you may be having with your sump pump, from simple sump pump repairs to new sump pump installation and old sump pump replacement.

With over 40 years of combined plumbing experience our Denver Plumbers have earned the trust of thousands of Colorado residents. All of our master plumbers are industry certified and all of their plumbing work, including repairs, maintenance, installation and replacements, is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Reasons Not To "Do It Yourself" Sump Pump Repairs

Not only should you consult with a plumber to install a sump pump in your house, but you need to hire one to assist with the job. Most, if not all home insurance companies, will not cover water damage resulting from seepage – meaning water that enters your basement through the floor rather than a broken window or pipe following a nasty storm. This means that ALL of the damage to your basement and valuables is on you to repair.

Sump Pump Brands We Repair & Install

  • Apache Hose
  • Basement Watchdog
  • Bur-Cam
  • Camis
  • Coleman Cable
  • Concrete Materials
  • Craftsman
  • FloTec
  • Frigidaire
  • General Pipe Cleaners
  • HydroCheck
  • Interstate Batteries
  • iON Products
  • JGB Enterprises
  • Karcher Professional
  • LevelGuard
  • Liberty Pumps
  • Little Giant
  • Metropolitan Industries
  • Moeller
  • Myers
  • NexPump
  • PHCC Pro Series
  • ProFlo
  • Red Lion
  • Reliance Controls
  • Saniflo
  • Shop-Vac
  • Simer
  • Sumptek
  • Superior Pump
  • TOPP Industries
  • Wayne
  • Zoeller

Tips To Maintain Your Sump Pump in Denver

Like all equipment, check your sump pump regularly, particularly before a weather event. Maintenance is critical to protect your home and your pump. Many of them are electrical and have a battery backup in the event of a power failure. Make sure your battery is fully charged. If your pump does not have a battery, consider upgrading it to include a backup battery to protect you during a power outage. A less known backup method is a water-powered sump pump, powered by your own home's water supply. Our plumbers will carefully select the best backup system to take advantage of your home's defenses.

Our Denver plumbers also will advise you on the frequency and method of checking your equipment to ensure optimal performance. Some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Refer to your sump pump manual for maintenance instructions.
  • Make sure it is free of debris like dirt, sand, or gravel.
  • Pour a five gallon bucket of water into the pump pit. The device should turn on, remove water from the pit, and turn it off quickly. If it does not turn on or get rid of the water, call a plumber to repair or replace it.
  • Do not place anything above the sump pump.
  • Do not place anything to close to it that may interfere with its proper functioning or obstruct it.

If there is a street storm drain in front or close to your house, make sure your city, town, or municipality keeps its clean of debris, like garbage and leaves in the fall; this debris may block your storm drain or dry well, bringing water into your basement without a weather event. Contact your city, town or municipality street cleaning department and find out their schedule for street storm drain repair.

Sometimes however, even with proper maintenance, things breakdown and need repairs. If the sump pump is not working, making strange noises, or taking too long to remove water from the pit, give us a call or send an email to schedule a visit and our master plumbers will make sure your sump pump is working properly as soon as possible!

Our Sump Pump Repair & Installation Service Areas

  • Denver, CO
  • Lakewood, CO
  • Englewood, CO
  • Lone Tree, CO
  • Parker, CO
  • Englewood, CO
  • Ken Caryl, CO
  • Broomfield, CO
  • Brighton, CO
  • Highlands Ranch, CO
  • Boulder, CO
  • Arvada, CO
  • Golden, CO
  • Evergreen, CO
  • Conifer, CO
  • Thornton, CO
  • Castle Pines, CO
  • Southglenn, CO
  • Greenwood Village, CO
  • Columbine, CO

If you need to install, maintain, replace or repair a sump pump, give us a call at our SWAN Plumbing, Heating & Air Denver location, or send an email to schedule a visit in advance, for an evaluation and written estimate of the cost to install, maintain, replace, or repair a sump pump for your home. Don't wait until your valuables are damaged by water. Get peace of mind today by scheduling an appointment with one of their experienced technicians.