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Should You Get A Spring Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

Spring is here! The weather is warming, the birds are chirping, and people are starting to think about using their home ACs again. However, don’t just start your air conditioner willy-nilly! If you’ve left your AC borderline dormant during the winter, then you should contact us for a 22-point Spring air conditioning tune-up first. After all, no one likes to turn on their AC one hot day to find it doesn’t work anymore. So, don’t risk it. Contact us and schedule your Spring air conditioning tune-up with us here at SWAN Plumbing, Heating & Air of Denver today!

What Does The SWAN 22-Point Spring Air Conditioning Tune-Up Involve?

What are the 22-points of the SWAN Spring air conditioning tune-up? Well, we’re glad you aSked! When you schedule your tune-up with our team of HVAC professionals, you can expect the following:

  • Check and recharge refrigerant using the “Subcooling” method
  • Check, clean, and fully inspect your system’s high voltage contactor
  • Inspect and clean your condenser
  • Ensure proper incoming line voltage
  • Make sure your transformer(s) are functioning as they should
  • Check the functionality of your main blower motor
  • Make sure the blower wheel is balanced and damage-free
  • Fully inspect your AC coils (using a camera)
  • Ensure all low-voltage wiring meets industry standards
  • Clean and inspect your condenser fan motor
  • Check, calibrate, and even program your thermostat for you
  • Inspect, clean, and clear all drain lines associated with your system
  • Ensure your ductwork is leak-free and clear of any inefficiencies
  • Make sure all the capacitors in your system are working as they should
  • Inspect and ensure your compressor functions as it should
  • Ensure all refrigerant lines receive proper insulation
  • Adjust and inspect your TEV (Thermal Expansion Valve)
  • Oil all fan motors (if necessary)
  • Adjust fan speeds (if necessary)
  • Inspect your air filtration system (if you have one) and clean if necessary
  • Disposable filter replacement (or cleaning of a reusable filter)
  • Provide recommendations for upgrades, repairs, and more

Contact Us To Schedule Your Spring AC Tune-Up Today!

Since Spring is here and the weather is warming, now is the perfect time to get a tune-up. Otherwise, your air conditioner may fail when you need it most. So, why risk that possibility? Get ahold of the HVAC professionals here at SWAN Plumbing Heating & Air of Denver to schedule your 22-point Spring air conditioning tune-up today! And, if you use the coupon found here, you can get your Spring AC tune-up for $49 (a $99 value)! So, act fast! Schedule your tune-up today!

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