Why You Should Avoid Store Bought Drain Cleaners

Why You Should Avoid Store Bought Drain Cleaners

It’s almost inevitable that there will be a drain in your home that will get clogged at some point. If there’s some kind of drain cleaner in your home, this might be the first thing that you try to use. However, many drain cleaners that you can get at the store are not good for the pipes in your home even if they do unclog the drain. A better option to consider is contacting a professional Denver plumber to come to your home to handle the clog. We have plumbers who will examine the clog and determine the best method of treatment for the issue.

Avoid Using Drain Cleaners From The Store

A drain cleaner that you get from a store will often do the job that it’s intended for, but it can leave behind materials in the pipes that corrode the lining of them. This happens because of the materials that are in the cleaners that eat away at the clog in the drain. As the lining begins to deteriorate, the pipes can leak, which would mean that they need to be replaced in the future.

Why Hire A Professional Drain Cleaning Company?

Even though a drain cleaner will allow you to use your drains once again in most situations, there are a few reasons as to why you might want to consider using the drain cleaning in Denver that our company offers. When a plumber cleans your drains, that person usually won’t use a chemical product. Instead, the plumber will use some type of device that will completely remove the clog. Two of the common methods of cleaning drains involve using a hydro-jet system and using a snake to clear the drain.

Using a snake to clear a drain is often the easiest way for professionals to remove the clog. A long cord with an auger on the end is gently inserted into the drain. The device looks like a snake. The cord can bend with the pipe in order to reach all areas so that the professional can find the clog and remove the debris. It’s also possible for the auger head to push the clog through the system. A snake is a simple tool that isn’t expensive and that comes in various lengths depending on the type of pipe. They are also kept on plumbing trucks so that they are readily available when needed.

Hydro-jetting is a bit more detailed and requires a little more control than using a snake. A hose is used to force water at high pressure into the drain. The high pressure will blow the clog through the system without using any chemicals. There is a directional end on the hose to allow for moving it around to where it’s needed. This solution isn’t used in each drainage issue because of the high pressure of the water that is used. Older pipes might not be able to handle such forced pressure, causing them to leak or break apart. After a snake has been used by a professional plumber, then the hydro-jetting system could be the option that is used.

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