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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Stay cool and avoid AC breakdowns. Regular safety inspections, tune-ups, and air conditioner maintenance are recommended by manufacturers to prevent excessive energy usage and unnecessary AC repairs - saving you money in the long run!

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Our 22 Point AC Maintenance Inspection

Our air conditioner maintenance & tune-up service includes:

  • Inspect refrigerant charge using "Subcooling" method
  • Clean and inspect high voltage contactor
  • Clean and inspect condenser
  • Check incoming line voltage
  • Check transformer
  • Check main blower motor
  • Inspect blower wheel
  • Inspect A/C coil with camera
  • Inspect all low voltage wiring
  • Inspect and clean condenser fan motor
  • Check thermostat and calibrate
  • Check and clean all drain lines associated with HVAC system
  • Inspect duct work for air leaks or inefficiencies
  • Check capacitors
  • Check Compressor
  • Inspect insulation on refrigerant lines
  • Inspect and adjust Thermal Expansion Valve
  • Oil motors if necessary
  • Adjust blower speed
  • Inspect air filtration system and clean if necessary
  • Standard disposable filter replacement
  • Recommendations to improve safety, comfort, and performance
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