Denver Emergency Heating Repair

Is your heat out? If you need emergency furnace or boiler repair services, we can help.

Our phone lines are open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, from 6AM until late. While we can't always get a tech out to you the same night, our service representatives will schedule the soonest possible appointment to get your heat back up and running.

Cold man wrapped in many blankets
Dog covered by blanket when heat won't come on

Emergency Heat Repair

If you need emergency furnace repair or emergency boiler repair, SWAN can help. Our staff is highly trained in dealing with emergency heat outages. We can often get a service van out to your property within a few hours, even outside of regular business hours!

Nobody should have to live in a home without heat. Your comfort and safety are our top priority.

Emergency Heat Services

In order to get the best service possible as quickly as possible, be prepared to answer some questions about your heating issues. For example, our techs will need to know:

  • How long the heat has been out
  • When the unit was last inspected or maintained
  • What brand the heating unit is
  • Whether the unit is under any kind of home warranty
  • Whether you noticed any unusual issues, sounds, or smells from the unit before it stopped working

By answering these questions as thoroughly as possible, you can help our technicians rule out issues and complete the emergency repair as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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