Home Humidifier Services

If the air in your home is too dry, microscopic irritants remain airborne for longer periods, drying nasal passages and causing skin conditions to worsen. Wood inside your home will also suffer. Static electricity is one indication that the air inside your home may be too dry.

A central humidifier works together with your heating and cooling system to introduce steam or atomized vapor into the air stream to ensure the air is always properly humidified.

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Whole House Humidifier Repair & Installation Services

The need for home humidity increases during the heating season. Air naturally dries out as the seasons change, and as it does, you and your home suffer. Humidifiers are the easiest way to increase the moisture level indoors, combating factors that can impact your comfort and health.

Whole-house humidifiers attach to forced-air HVAC systems and deliver moisture through the ducting. The three most common kinds used in homes are bypass units, fan-powered, and steam. Steam humidifiers are the most expensive to purchase, install and operate. Bypass and fan-powered units use evaporation to increase the indoor humidity.

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Humidifier Benefits

Maintaining a steady humidity level is essential for a healthy indoor environment. At SWAN, we can help you choose and install a home humidifier. We also offer humidifier repair for existing units. Call our experts to discuss the options!

  • You’ll feel warmer. Humid air feels warmer because the moisture on your skin won’t evaporate as quickly. When the humidity levels are ideal, you feel warmer even when the temperatures are cooler.
  • valuables won’t dry out Your home’s furnishings and valuables won’t dry out. Wood is one of the most vulnerable materials to low humidity, especially products made from veneers, which constitute much of the furniture and cabinetry in most homes today. Solid wood floors will shrink, as will musical instruments made from wood. Picture frames may crack or break apart at the seams.
  • Your skin will be healthier Your skin will be healthier. Chapped and cracked skin is painful and easily aggravated by low humidity levels.
  • Ignore Flu Season You’ll be less likely to catch viral and bacterial infections. Dry air evaporates the protective coatings around bacteria and viruses, making them spread faster, which is why winter is considered to be cold and flu season.