Denver Sewer Repair

No matter the source of your problem, we provide professional sewer repair services.

Plumbing problems such as slow moving drains and backed up toilets can be caused by blocked or broken sewer pipes, which can be hard to diagnose and repair.

If you have sewer odors, clogs or backups, call in the experts at SWAN. By using a sewer scope to perform a sewer inspection, we can quickly and accurately identify the problem and its severity, and get your home back to working order.

Sewer Line Repair Techniques

Thanks to technological advancement, there are several different techniques available today when it comes to sewer repair services including but not limited to:

  • Traditional Sewer Repair To access the area surrounding the damaged part of your plumbing when performing sewer line repairs, we use the trench or open cut technique. We at times use a backhoe to open and refill the work area.
  • Trenchless Sewer Repair A broken sewer line can quickly turn your yard into a nasty, smelly mess. Traditionally, sewer repair involves heavy excavation equipment that can wreak havoc on your lawn, landscaping, driveway, and patio. We offer a “no dig” option to fix sewer lines known as trenchless repair and replacement. Trenchless sewer line replacement involves reduced damages, costs, intrusion, and time compared to traditional repair methods. This approach provides high-quality and eco-friendly sewer repair and maintenance.
  • Burst Pipes We start by making small access holes where your damaged sewer line starts and ends. We then use a hydraulic machine to pull the replacement piping through the old path with your broken sewer line acting as a guide. The replacement pipe breaks up your old and damaged pipe. Because the new tubing is highly resistant to root intrusion and leaks, it features a long life expectancy.
  • Pipe Relining In this process, the creation of a pipe within a pipe restores function and flow to previously damaged sewer lines. Molding epoxy relining materials to the inside of the existing sewer pipe creates a smooth new inner wall. Pipe relining usually requires a little digging and results in seamless, durable sewer lines.
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