Denver furnace maintenance

Furnace Maintenance

Stay warm and avoid furnace breakdowns. Regular furnace maintenance and safety inspections are recommended by manufacturers. Keep your furnace operating at peak efficiency to save money and energy.

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Our 22-Point Maintenance & Safety Inspection

Our furnace maintenance & tune-up service includes:

  • Thermostat temperature setting will be raised above room temperature to ensure your thermostat is working properly
  • Thermostat temperature setting will be turned below room temperature to ensure the furnace turns off properly
  • Inspect / test the control board
  • Inspect / test / clean / oil the induced draft motor
  • Inspect / test the transformer for proper Volt Amp size & voltage
  • Inspect / test control valve
  • Inspect / test / clean the burner assembly
  • Inspect / test / clean the flame sensor / thermocouple & other safety devices
  • Inspect / test / clean / oil the blower motor & capacitor
  • Inspect the blower wheel for cleanliness & balance
  • Inspect / clean / replace the air filter
  • Check pressure switch for proper operation
  • Test system internally & externally for natural gas or propane leaks
  • Inspect / test the emergency gas shut off valve for proper operation
  • Inspect / test the safety shut off unit (SSU) for proper fuse size & operation
  • Inspect / test the circuit breaker in the main panel for proper operation
  • Inspect / vent exhaust system for proper clearance to combustibles & verify all connections are secure
  • Inspect / verify proper combustion air delivery to appliance room
  • Perform combustion analysis / check temperature rise
  • Inspect / test duct system for leakage
  • Inspect / test IAQ accessories for proper operation
  • Verify carbon monoxide detector is installed & functioning
Our success is completely dependent on the satisfaction of our customers, so we're willing to do whatever it takes to complete the job to your satisfaction and show you why we're trusted with Denver furnace maintenance.
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