Xcel Energy Air Conditioning Installation Rebate 2016

How Much Money Does Xcel Energy Air Conditioning Installation Rebate Save?

It’s time to think about avoiding the summer heat and upgrading to a new air conditioning unit. Xcel Energy is providing its customers with an impressive rebate program. It is a way to help people save money and get the exact type of air conditioner they want. If a homeowner has an air conditioner installed during the designated rebate period, they could get up to $1,000 worth of rebates.

A New AC System Is An Investment

Purchasing an air conditioner is a major investment. The Xcel rebate program permits the customer a way to purchase the unit they want at a price that fits their budget. The rebate program enables a customer to get back their money from an air conditioning purchase. This rebate maks it possible for a customer to get even more for their money. They can upgrade to a more modern and efficient air conditioner. One that may lower monthly summer utility bills. A modern unit is also better for the environment and helps preserve natural resources.

Do I Qualify For Xcel Energy Rebates?

The requirements to participate in this rebate program are not complicated. The property where the air conditioning unit is being installed must be located in a state eligible for the rebate program offered by Xcel Energy. The property has to be a customer of Xcel Energy electrical. The unit used for the rebate has to be an air conditioning unit or other products Xcel Energy provides rebates for installing. A rooftop air conditioning unit does not meet the requirements for this rebate. The contractor who installs the air conditioning unit must be a registered participant in the cooling program provided by Xcel Energy.

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)

An air conditioning unit may have their capacity rated using British thermal units (Btu). This unit measures the amount of heat necessary to increase temperature. The EER of an air conditioner is measured by the Btu rating over its wattage. It is important to have an air conditioning unit with a high EER.

Understanding Air Conditioning Units SEER Rating

The efficiency of air conditioners is often identified by a rating of its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This is a rating that has been established by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute. An air conditioner’s SEER rating is taken into consideration when determining the amount of a possible rebate an air conditioning unit will provide the homeowner. It is important to learn about the details associated with the rebate program prior to purchasing a particular air conditioning unit.

Trade-In Old Air Conditioner

In order for a customer to be eligible for the Xcel Energy rebate program, their air conditioning unit must be in operating condition or be able to be repaired so it can then be operated. The old unit needs to be replaced with a new air conditioning unit with a SEER rating between 14.5 and 16. It can also have an EER Rating between 12.5 and 13. An air condition professional will know the SEER and EER rating of an air conditioning unit. It’s important to take advantage of the rebate as soon as possible. It will not be offered to customers forever.

Resale Value

Having a modern air conditioning system installed in a house can increase its resale value. When a prospective home buyer is looking for a home, the air conditioning system could be a factor that influences the purchasing decision. They may want to know the cost of operating an air conditioning system, its level of cooling efficiency and more.

Modern Air Conditioning Features

Today, air conditioners come with a variety of technological advances. There are programmable thermostats. These systems come standard with certain high-efficiency air conditioning systems. They provide a homeowner with absolute control over the temperatures in certain areas of a house. Some rooms will need more heat than others. A programmable thermostat can provide energy savings as well as comfortable, optimal temperatures. They also enable a homeowner to pre-program the temperatures for their home if they’re going to be away for specified amount of time.

AC Options to Consider

There have been significant advances in the technology used to create higher efficiency in air conditioning units. The newer models now use less energy and operate more quietly. An air conditioner purchased today has the ability to provide indoor air quality and comfort like never before. Most homeowners experience a reduction in their energy bill using a higher efficiency air conditioner. The rebate provided with them will make the investment more cost effective. An HVAC professional will be able to help a customer choose the air conditioning unit that best fits into their budget. They can explain how much money a homeowner will save in the long run. In some situations, a homeowner may qualify for a financing plan.

Consistent Air Flow

A modern high-efficiency air conditioning system will have a variable speed motor. This will make it possible to have consistent air flow throughout a house. A more efficient air flow equals superior regulated temperatures. It also is able to take out the impurities in the air. Mold prevention as well as having an environment that is pleasant and healthy will make better breathing possible.

Flexibility in Air Conditioning Sizing

Our HVAC technicians will know about systems designed specifically for newer homes as well as older homes. There is an air conditioning solution for every home. An evaluation of a house and learning a homeowner’s priorities will determine the system that is right.

Quality Air Conditioning Installation

In some situations, customers may be eligible to receive up to $1,000.00. The Xcel Energy installation rebate program is designed to provide the most energy savings. It is designed to emphasize proper installation practices. When an HVAC professional installs the appropriate size air conditioner for a home’s needs, the homeowner will benefit. They will have optimal cooling efficiency in their house. Qualifying for the rebate requires the installation be performed by a participating registered contractor. This will insure a quality air conditioning installation is performed.

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